Illusions is a kind of odyssey between perception and reality. Our goal is that everyone who visits us be taken on a journey between imagination and reality, which interpenetrate and complement each other with one common goal – to find ourselves in another dimension, where all senses are ignited with the help of quality music and unusual production. This unconventional event will bring rich electronic sound and unusual visual effects that combine to create magic.


After Affai , ร‚me, Anya, Argy, Aril Brikhal, Armonica, Baloski, Bokee, Buba, Coeus, Colyn, Dee, Denis Horvat, Dubfire, Echonomist, Fideles, Filip Fisher, Ilija ฤokoviฤ‡, Illusory, Inner Sence, Kas:st, Kasia, Kevin De Vries, Konstantin Sibold, Lanna, Lรจrr, Lukai, Massano, Mathame, Milan Trifunoviฤ‡, MฤชMฤชxFY, Nemax, Nexie, ร˜ostil, Oxia, Patrice Bรคumel, Pavel Petrov, Rodriguez JR., Rossa, Runy, Stanco, Stephan Jolk, TH;EN, The Element, Umique, Vahichabi, Vuk Smiljaniฤ‡